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Be my Valentine!

The highlight of the week was Valentine‘s Day. The children loved distributing their Valentines and we read some fun Valentines books!

We had an interesting visit from a fellow mammal this week which led us into a lesson on mammals with a particular interest in Possums. We learned that the one we saw in the tree is a Virginia Possum, the only native North American marsupial mammal. One of the most interesting things we learned was that the female gives birth to about 20 babies that are not completely formed (13 days gestation) and are the size of honeybees. They then climb into mom’s pouch and continue to decelop (sadly only about half of them make in into her pouch). We learned that they spend a lot of time aloft in trees as we saw for ourselves and that they love to play dead in order to protect themselves from predators!

We had so many children sick this week, we didn’t have one day with everyone in school and there were even a few days with 5 to 6 children out. I hope everyone gets a chance to rest, recover and have fun over the break!

We celebrated Axel’s 5th birthday today!!!!

Apologies, this is the second week that pictures will not attach.

The Primary Team

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