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Visitors galore! This week we had Desmond's sister Rosemary and Violet's brother Ash visit for next year. It's always lovely to have visitors and imagine them in our environment next year. It's extra special when those visitors are siblings that have been popping their heads out of their car seats to see what's happening and then the day comes when they get to come inside. The only difficulty is then waiting until August to come back!

Ms. Kathleen has worked with the children during mindfulness challenging them to open their eyes to the joy of watching and knowing birds. We also have been learning a lot about birds and so this is a perfect opportunity to continue to delve deeper into our research of them and to incorporate them into our mindfulness practices.

We celebrated Sonny's fifth birthday this week....everyone is growing so fast!!! Please remember Valentine's Day is on Wednesday. You may send your cards in at anytime and please remember they are cards only and are not individually addressed. (17 total).

Hope everyone has a good Superbowl weekend!

The Primary Team

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