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Birthday Mania

Happy Labor Day weekend!

This week we celebrated 4 birthdays: Lily’s 6th, James’ 4th, Evie’s 5th and Magni’s 4th! What fun for the children to take their trip around the sun and for us to get a glimpse of them at each stage of their lives thus far!

The peace rose has been introduced and it will be a good tool for children to use when they have a conflict.

Sammy joined our group this week and we are super excited to have him. Percy returns next week and our group will be complete.

Many lessons have been introduced and the children are already working hard as you will see from the pictures. I have to keep reminding myself that it is only the second week of school because the children are settling in amazing well. They are understanding and embracing the routine and are very content.

We had fun this morning on circle seeing if the children could pick out their first names. Then we decided to alphabetize them and had such fun when we came to Laban Lily and Lila!

We survived our first rainy day and learned how the routine changes on days like that. We have a frequent visitor that seems very eager to join our group as you will see from the pictures.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

The Primary Team

collette, Judith & Belkis

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