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Christmas Bird Count

As part of our ongoing commitment to citizen science, DGS was able participate in the Audubon Society's 120th annual Christmas Bird Count on 12/15. We had a small group of dedicated science students (and avid birdwatchers) and we were able to observe 11 species at our multiple feeders throughout the afternoon. We reported our observation tallies with the Audubon Society, which will use them to enrich their nationwide census of bird populations.

Birds are an indicator species as they are very dependent upon their environmental conditions and highly sensitive to ecological change. Bird populations have lost massive numbers over the past 40 years, down as much as 29% due to a number of human-influenced environmental challenges. A drop in bird populations is directly linked to (among other things) loss of green space, tree canopy, and populations of pollinating insects, all of which are crucial for our continued survival.

It's important to be part of this kind of study when you can, and I'm thrilled that our students came out and gave part of their weekend to learning both about birds and about the significance of collecting this kind of data.

If you watched feeders of your own, please forward your observation tallies to me so that I can pass them along to Audubon!

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