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Count your blessings!

So this week we counted our blessings to be back at school feeling so much better!

I counted my blessings for all of your little ones as I said goodbye to my own daughter on her last day of high school. Twenty nine consistent years of waking children up for school gone in a flash.....I am grateful for all those years (33 total of having children in our home) and devastated that they are all gone. Count your blessings each day and make time for the little things that they want to share with you. Hold their hand for as long as you can, no one gives you any idea that the day is coming when they no longer want to hold your hand, it all happens too fast.

We spend so much time in our lives wondering when our children will walk, talk, learn to read, ride a bike etc. They learn to do all of those things in their own time and when they are grown, no one is asking what age they did it at. The biggest gift we can give our children as teachers is the gift of time. Time to observe, to listen most especially and understand, time to adjust, time to enjoy, time to recover from whatever ails them both physically and mentally, time to grow and time to JUST BE. We are as teachers privileged to have the opportunities to do this.

Our few short days this week were busy, we are spending most of our time working outside as you will see from the pictures. Today the rain put a little damper on our outside activities at different times but we made the most of it. We hope all the moms enjoyed their Mother's Day and for those that were sick and unable to enjoy's to a do-over!!!! May each of you always enjoy the gift of time and your children, we are so grateful that you share them with us.

The Primary Team

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