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Deep Inside the Heart of Winter (Sustainability, 2/4)

Winter teaches patience, if we drop in and trust its rhythm. A cold front here, a snowfall there, sleepy mornings, and the downtime due to viruses (both new and old).

If there is anything that embodies potential wrapped in patience, it is a seed. And with the anticipation of the spring farmers market, we've been planting ours! Right now, we've got tiny sprouts of yarrow, thyme, catnip, nasturtium, and calendula popping up.

From Kindergarten to Middle School, there is much to learn if we take a fresh view of the seed. There are lessons of reproduction that have surprising parallels with the animal kingdom, and the revelation that "cloning" is nothing new in the plant kingdom. There are stories of biomes, seasons, and adaptation. And there is the simple wonder of maternal care (a flowering plant sends its "children" into the world with a built-in watch, raincoat, and a packed lunch).

As we begin to see and feel the stirrings of spring, and anticipate a flurry of activities at DGS, it's important to know the value of where we are at now - in this season of patience, planting our seeds.

Enjoy this time!


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