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DGS Middle Week in Review (10/21- 10/25)

This week we continued our Social Studies unit on the Emergence of Early Man. Students worked individually or with partners to create a comic strip demonstrating their understanding of the evolution of hominins. Each comic strip had to have at least five panels, show evolution, important characteristics, and causal events.

We are also doing a mini-unit on the Horror genre, during which we will study the elements of scary stories and the literary devices used. We have read a couple of creepy stories by Roald Dahl and will continue next week with some Edgar Allen Poe and Shirley Jackson. Students are practicing writing with sensory detail, using devices like personification, metaphor and simile, alliteration, and focusing on strong word choice.

Next week we will begin our art excursions to the Casual Creative in downtown Davidson to study the Abstract Art movement. We will continue our investigation of early man with a look a look at the characteristics of the Paleolithic era and early migrations of man. In ELA we will continue our Horror mini-unit and prepare writing samples for portfolios.

Fenris and Cannon use their olfactory system to inspire memories for a descriptive writing paragraph.

After a lot of sniffing, kids sit down and do some prewriting using a sensory language graphic organizer.

Zachary, Canon, and Fenris prepare for next Thursday's Halloween celebration.

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