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Embracing the Outdoors

it is hard to believe this is only our second week back. As you will see from the pictures, the children are settling in really well and working hard in all of our different environments. Each cohort had a group lesson on living and non-living this week and it was really interesting to note the differences in thought processes, excitement about the subject and information shared within each cohort. Kindergarten are working on a sewing project and are very keen!!! It is so much fun getting to know all of our new ‘little friends’, we have such a lovely group! We are working on ‘volume control’ inside the classroom. Since the children work in our outside classrooms so much with loud fans in the background, it is challenging for them to adjust their volume when they come inside. This is be something you could guide them with at home.....inside/outside voices. This will also help us when we eventually transition to more of an inside classroom. Independence is what we strive for in each child and our newest students in particular amaze themselves with what they can achieve when they try. It is always interesting to watch the surprise on their faces when they ask for help with something such as putting on shoes or maybe putting away slippers, trays etc. and we say “I think you can do it, if you need help, I will help but maybe you could try first”? It is deeply gratifying for them and for us when they are successful in doing it for themselves...the look of pride on their faces is truly priceless. Feel free to challenge them at home too, we are always amazed on field trips what they have their parents do for them....things they do in the classroom for themselves everyday!!! It is truly a joy to watch them as they strive to become independent and confident in their learning environment.

Thank you all so much for your support and for sharing your children with us, they light up our lives!

Ms. Collette

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