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Fall Overnight Field Trip: Middle School

Middle School had a great adventure at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.  If you asked them their favorite part, you would get many different answers.  The list might include:

  1. listen to Mr. Freeman from the East Band of the Cherokee Nation sharing stories by the fire

  2. stargazing

  3. swimming in the freezing Nantahala River

  4. white water rafting

  5. survival skills class: how to properly use a knife, starting a fire with flint and steel, building a shelter for freezing conditions

  6. zipping lining and the high ropes adventure course

  7. dancing by the fire

  8. camping out with friends

  9. campwide games

  10. just being with each other

At the middle school level, we at a new level of “perceived risk” into our programming.  Pushing edges within a safe space is empowering and character building. It is testing out our edges of being uncomfortable and digging down deep to move past that perceived edge.  This is a powerful part of supporting our young people on their journey to adulthood.

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