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Farewell to Fall

This week, lower elementary said their farewell to fall.

We discussed things that are prevalent in fall ranging from falling leaves, to apples and pumpkins, and holidays. Students shared some of their favorite fall activities and we took a moment to appreciate the season and the activities it brings. It was heart warming to hear students share why they were thankful for the Earth and the seasons that happen all in perfect timing.

We spent our time together observing the different colors of the leaves and how they have changed quickly over the last few weeks. Students made the observation that there are not nearly as many green and yellow leaves now and red and burnt orange leaves have taken over. Students asked great questions to investigate why the leaves change colors and how they know when it's time to do so. Students discovered that the chemicals that are responsible for the many colors are actually present year round, but are hidden by the powerful green color that is created by chlorophyll. Chlorophyll levels decrease in fall and winter because of the decrease in sunlight, causing the other colors to shine through.

To remember what we learned, students created their own leaf bouquet with fall leaves in various stages.

Upper elementary and middle school students turned their attention to the quickly approaching event of Christmas in Davidson. DGS will have a booth focused on informing and educating about proper recycling. We will also be making seed balls inspired by snowballs.

Students researched the benefits of seed balls and how they are used, so they can tell the visitors at our booth all about them. Seed balls are unique in the sense that no one else at Christmas in Davidson does them. Students found out that seed balls can also be a great gift because they are zero waste and are a gift that keeps on giving.

Upper Elementary and Middle School students also got their creative brains going by designing signage for the event. The signage will be used to communicate what it means to recycle right and what that means at this event.

I encourage you to volunteer or stop by our booth to learn more about the seed ball activity and see the signs that our DGS students have designed!

I hope you all have a restful and relaxing break. I am thankful for all of you and your amazing families.

-Ms. Emily

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