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Flavor of the Week

We began our week with such a fun tasting! We had seven different kinds of apples. Parts of the apple were discussed and we learned about the apple life cycle. We observed the differences and similarities between the apples. Some even had more than one color. Each one tasted different and we learned that people have been eating for 2 million years and that there are thousands of varieties.....not just seven :). Cutting the apple in half and discovering the symmetry within the apple was fun...a perfect star on each half, holding at least five seeds within its core.....a special surprise in the middle of the apple. This led us into questions about seeds, how they grow, how do they get from place to place? Wind, animals and many other ideas were shared! We compared the apple seeds to the size of an apple tree and wondered in amazement!

We had our first sun celebration today to celebrate Riki's 6th birthday which occurs tomorrow! Sun celebrations are such a sweet way to honor the child and their family. A lovely way for us all to appreciate the growth and changes that have occurred in their life so far.

Tomorrow will be the first official day of Fall and it definitely felt like it today. Kindergarten learned about the reasons for the seasons and we all discussed the changes that are beginning to happen around us.

Echo the sound of silence, every now and again we make silence in the classroom during circle. At this point in the year it is only for a few moments and is usually spontaneous. This will usually translate into me closing my eyes for a minute and not making a sound while sounds are going on all around....until the children notice and then they without being asked, do the same thing. It's quite magical....then the tone of the classroom changes. Something for you to try at home if you so desire!!! Silence is one of the things we have often talked about during circle and how it is a gift....a gift of nature particularly in winter when all is still and most especially on the rare occasion of snow! One of the things that we talked about also this morning was patience and how animals are so good at being patient and we are not :) Nature requires us to be patient when the world refuses to follow its lead....we talked about the animals waiting for spring and planting for spring g and waiting. And the reward we receive when we wait! We are learning to be patient in our DGS community...waiting our turn to contribute on circle, waiting for a work to become available...waiting for Friday for the black bag to come's an art and a joy to see as it evolves!!!

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