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Good to be back!

Hi everyone,

It’s been an interesting week coming back from break and the time changing just as we come back to mess with our sleep schedules. However, we survived it!

We have begun to prepare for the Literary Tea next month and this is such a sweet family school event. Details will follow from Jennifer! We are working on three separate poems to share with you.

This is such a wonderful time of year as I watch the Kindergarten children soar and begin to move into a different plane of development as they get ready to transition to the next level. They will soon begin to visit Lower El so they can see what is ahead of them.

What amazing changes have occurred since the beginning of the year and I can see our rising Kindergarteners start to realize that they will soon be in that position of leadership. And our youngest friends are very comfortable with their space within our group. Ah, all is as it should be!

Now if all was right with our world in general and we didn’t have all the anxiety around us, life would be even sweeter. We continue with our rigor of handwashing/sanitizing and hope for the best. For all of us our best defense is to eat/sleep well and stay home if we feel unwell. As much as we say cough into your elbow, sneeze into a tissue or your elbow if you can’t get to a tissue, it doesn’t always happen as I saw first hand this week when one child sneezed directly into another child’s lunch. They may not always have a fever but sometimes they may need a little rest!

I hope everyone gets some rest this weekend.

My best.


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