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Grateful for visitors

What an incredible November it has been! There have been days of pure magic when the sky was blue, the sun was warm, and the wind and leaves danced together. We would sometimes just stop and stare in awe at the beauty around us. I'm appreciating it while we've got it because soon the season will turn towards the bitter months of winter. Please make sure your forest explorer comes to school in very warm layers because we will continue to be outside unless it rains.

In other news, we had a couple of exciting visitors! Silas, Mr. Ed's son and a forest explorer alumni, joined us in the woods for a couple of afternoons. We were all so glad to see him again, i hope he had a great time too. Our other visitor was a baby snake! Addie spotted her, which was quite a feat since she was so small and well camouflaged. I was quite sure she wasn't poisonous but we still looked with our eyes, not our hands.

We were trying to decide which tree to meet and learn about this week when we discovered the creek bank was almost covered in the most beautiful fallen leaves! We collected some leaves and figured out which tree they were falling from. Come to find out (from our resident botanist and forest spirit, Ms. Paula) that we had met a sugar maple! The tree that brings us delicious maple syrup! I think I would like to learn more about them next week.

I hope everyone has had a magnificent break, and Thanksgiving if your family celebrates it. I'll see you all Monday, well rested and a bit heavier.

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