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Greetings from the forest!

We have been having some wonderful adventures the past few weeks. At one end of the forest we explored the creek behind the amphitheater, splashing in the water, sinking in the mud and even finding raccoon tracks! We also explored the bridge across the creek near the cottage. We have trekked to the end of the path and danced at the circle of stumps. Then we created a map linking all of those places together. We have identified oak trees through bark rubbings, acorns and leaves. We learned about sweet gum trees and their star shaped leaves. We looked at clouds in the sky and found boats, dancers, and more! And every day there is always time for unstructured play. As you know, play is a child's work, and doing so in a natural setting is incredibly beneficial. A recent systematic review by Dankiw et al found that children who play in and with nature experience positive growth across a wide range of areas such as creativity, gross motor skills and social/emotional/cognitive development. We are truly lucky to have the woods here at Davidson Green School!

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