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Greetings from the Forest!

What an incredible year this has been! I am amazed at the resiliency of children, and how they continued to learn and grow during this time of uncertainty. From the wet and cold winter into the beauty of spring, Forest Explorers have had so many adventures! They ran through the woods, traversed creeks, built bridges and searched for quartz. We played a board game (Wildcraft) that teaches about medicinal plants and then searched for them at school. We found Oregon grape, plantain, violets, and more! We built kites and boats and watched nature move them. They created with water colors, clay, sticks and rocks. We played Don't Wake the Bear, London Bridge, What time is it Mr. Fox, and had a scavenger hunt. They had all of these adventures and more while staying safe and looking out for each other. I hope that over the summer you get to explore nature as much as you can. I leave you with some pictures and my thanks for allowing me to experience the magic of the forest with your wonderful kids.

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