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Greetings from the Forest

We had quite a few adventures this week! We walked the creek all the way from The Circle of Stumps to The Bridge. I walked in front (one of our safety rules) and we saw a bright green spider in such a beautiful web. Luckily, we were able to maneuver around the web and not disturb it. Then Addie spotted tadpoles! They were in a deep, protected pool of water and had developed legs! We watched until they all hid from us, then we carried on. We came upon more deep water (up to my calves) but luckily there was a log we could walk across. A helping hand was offered to any who needed it and then suddenly we were there! We reached the bridge with shouts of triumph.

This kind of supervised risk taking is such an important part of childhood development. It develops self confidence and compassion. Not all afternoons are this epic, but when they are I am so delighted to see the kiddos growing stronger together!

Some days, however, are meant for relaxation. We played games and drew pictures in the shade of the cottage. We learned about oak trees and acorns and made another page for our binders. We discovered the dogwood tree was producing berries- did you know that blue birds and cardinals like to eat them? We found walking sticks that became fishing poles. Then we finished the week by exploring the creek behind the amphitheater. We found another bridge and a climbing rope!

So much adventure in one week! As always, I'll leave you with some pictures. See you soon!

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