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Greetings from the Forest

Huzzah for warmer weather! January was one tough month of snow and ice! We tried our best to keep on exploring, we made boats and raced them in the creek, made clay snowmen, and looked for ever greens, but sometimes it was so cold that we had to stay in the classroom playing games and making art. Thankfully the snow and ice have melted! We met English ivy, which is so green and plentiful right now- unfortunately because it is invasive! We learned what that means and pulled lots of it to make a page in our binders. We went on a scavenger hunt that was lots of fun, I'll definitely be making more of those! And on Friday we were joined by kindergarten. We went to the creek and just rejoiced in the warmer weather. Which i hope you all got to do yesterday! Spring is on it's way!

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