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Halloween, Halloween what does it mean?

It's been a week of major excitement and cold weather!!! Monday the children gave us their biggest smiles for picture day and enjoyed a Halloween scavenger hunt in the woods.Tuesday was all about costumes, Halloween songs and stories.....such fun! Wednesday everyone was out of sorts from an overload of candy and exhaustion!!! "Tis the season from now until January with one thing or another to distract them!!! We try to keep it fairly simple and stick to our routine as that works best for our age group!

Prepare for the children to respond to the time change this weekend, it takes a toll on them for sure! Ms. Katherine (the drama teacher) has given us the scripts and she has assigned parts for the children so we are beginning to look at those and see whats involved for our group. Don't forget December 14th is the event!

Some new works to hit the shelves this week are polishing, flower arranging and more detailed water works! Parts of a gerbil and parts of a turkey have adorned the science shelves. Kindergarten have taken their first step into the world of skip counting and are totally embracing this work. They also have a sewing project going on and the rest of the group is working on a different project!

Fall back y'all and enjoy the extra hour of sleep if you can.

The Primary Team

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