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Happy Earth Day! Follow the link below for an Earth Day lesson and challenge for your family.

What are you going to do for Earth Day? Go buy an electric car? Bike to work? Most people won't be able to go to such extremes. But guess what each and every person can do? Reduce the amount of meat you eat.

Did you know that "meat causes more emissions than all of transportation combined"? Or that "beef production uses 100 times the water than most vegetable" crops? And no... no one is telling you to become vegetarian or vegan. Just reducing the amount you eat can have a huge impact. The best part is, everyone can do this, and it is so EASY!!!

Talking with your family

Here is a link to a TED talk and a lesson plan to share with your family:

As a family pick a challenge:

-Let's go one meal without meat.

-Let's go one day without meat.

-Let's commit to one day per week without meat.

-Let's commit to being a weekday vegetarian.

Here is a fun calculator to see how much water, co2, forest, and animal lives you can save.

This link also has many suggested documentaries (not all suitable for children).

Celebrate Earth Day and make a difference TODAY!!

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