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Happy Mother's Day

To all of our Primary Mother's I wish you all the happiest of days enjoying all of those that have 'made' you a Mother! Your children have been growing Oxalis plants for you from tiny bulbs to a beautiful plant. It has been a joy for them to plant the bulbs (which were tiny), to keep watering and waiting and one day see a shoot appear and start to grow and just when we thought they couldn't get any more beautiful.....they flowered! Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Many of our friends were out this week with this continuing bug/virus that involves coughing, sore throat and loss of voice accompanied by tiredness. Thank you for giving your child the gift of time to recover from this one, it seems to be taking a lot out of everyone!

Insects are a hot topic at the moment, we are seeing so many appear in our natural environment and therefore seems the perfect time to study them. The benefits they bring far outweigh the 'ickyness' some experience when they think of bugs. We explored their form, color, and much to explore!

Writing the reports for our upcoming conferences shows me how far the children have come since the beginning of the year. They all seem so grown up now and it is a wonderful time where we get to enjoy the fruits of their hard work as we observe how they have blossomed emotionally, socially and academically. It is of course a bittersweet time as our kindergarten friends get ready to move forward. They last four went to visit Lower Elementary this week and all nerves have now been quashed! They are like butterflies ready to spread their wings and take a piece of us with them as they go.

Have a great week d and a wonderful Mother's Day.

The Primary Team

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