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‘I believe I can fly’ week of 10/5 - 10/9

The highlight of our week was an unexpected visitor from Lower Elementary. Ms. Erin & Ms. Paula shared one of their monarch butterflies with us and we read about and sang about the butterfly life cycle and finally released it into the woods. He decided to hang around long enough for the children to examine him and as you will see from the photos, there is nothing to match the look of wonder on a child’s face. As he flew up into the air, Valerie started to sing “I believe I can fly” …priceless!

Signs of fall are all around us, we have been finding acorns in the woods, looking at different kinds of leaves, and discovering why they change color.

The children have been working on the lifecycle of a pumpkin and working with nomenclature cards and making booklets on the pumpkin lifecycle.

Some of the works that I noticed being chosen this week were pumpkin scrubbing, owl matching, patterns, what is it? and go togethers. Many also worked on metal insets and sandpaper letter tracing and tracing letters in rice.

We continue our work on the skeleton ‘inside us’ focusing on the different bones and joints in our bodies.

Since the chicken coop was removed, we now have a freestanding door to ‘who knows where’. It is in constant use, one day it is a door to a ‘salon’, another day it is a door to be painted with water. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun the children have in the woods, their imaginations run wild and it is amazing to see the games they come up with and the collaboration that goes on. The slide on our other play area is a big hit!

Picture day is Tuesday, the children will not be changing clothes for pictures or after pictures, hopefully they will not get their clothes too messy.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Ms. Collette, Ms. Judith & Ms. Belkis

The ‘door to who knows where’

Decorating a tree with vines for halloween

Collaborating on a fairy house

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