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If we create it, they will come!

Wow!!!! What an amazing first week we had in Primary. We created the space and you put your trust in us…..thank you for the gift of your child!!! Old friends returning and new friends joining us to make this incredible group that we are loving!!!

In spite of it being our first week, we covered so much. Individual lessons were given from all areas of the classroom. Some of which included: living/non-living, peace rose presentation, pouring, spooning, grading, etc.

Kindergarten are enjoying their new roles as leaders and are off to an incredible start. Some of their lessons (not limited to) included addition, teen boards, sounds/blending and journals. they also had their first afternoon group lessons in sustainability with Ms. Paula, drama with Ms. Maya and engineering with Mr. Derek. Spanish begins for them on Monday with the first graders!

Ms. Kathleen led Primary in music, mindfulness (chicken meditation this week) and nature which are also incorporated into our daily routines.

It is such fun getting to know our new little friends and watching the growth in our returning students. However, a picture says a thousand words.

Have an amazing weekend.

The Primary Team.

Ms. Collette

Ms. judith &

Ms. Belkis

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