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Intersession begins

It was a week of practice! The children have worked on costumes, blocking, songs and running lines in a variety of different spaces and just when they thought they were done...they were called back for more. It is interesting to see them practice within the confines of their classroom and then take that to the bigger group and be part of a bigger production!!! It is all coming together and we are all working on pivoting, to accommodate this wonderful school wide production!!! We even dug deep into our closets this week to retrieve our Covid clothing for the cold mornings outside and realized that only our present Kindergartners were a part of that fun experience at school braving the cold with outside areas and windows and doors open in the classroom...a good reminder!!!

Ms. Kathleen led Kindergarten on a beautiful field trip this morning to Hearts on Fiber. They were introduced to the art of macrame and then made an ornament with their left over yarn. We then walked up town, ducked into the library for a story as it was trying to rain and then had lunch at Mandolino's. Thank you so much to Mike and Julia for treating us to such a delicious lunch!


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