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Lower El, March 8-12: Warm sunshine beckons, Work is blossoming outside. Spring at DGS!

Ahh, the beautiful weather invigorated children and staff alike, resulting in a productive week of learning. We've seen so much diligence and pride in completing works.

We continued our deep dive into the beautiful Montessori geometry lessons, with new extensions with triangles. On Friday, we problem-solved like ancient Egyptian "rope-stretchers", and saw the relationship of right triangles to rectangles in three dimensions.

Botany was especially fruitful this week (pun intended), as we explored the where, when, and why of fruits. The highlight was creating their own "fantasy fruit" using playdoh.

Galaxies had fun composing their own haiku - combining counting syllables with imagination and creativity. Once you get started writing these 3-lined, 5-7-5 syllable poems it's hard to stop (see blog post title).

We are looking forward to an exciting next few weeks!


--March 15-19 is Spirit Week (PJ day, sports day, future day, crazy hair day, and DGS day)

--Thursday, March 18th is the Science Fair, 2:45-3:45 pm --Friday, March 26th, Lower El spring celebration

--Tuesday & Weds, March 30 & 31, walking field trip (see 3/12 email for details & don't forget to fill out permission on webpage)

Enjoy the daily changes of the season!

Ms. Paula & Ms. Erin

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