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Lower Elementary

We had a fantastic week working together with many lessons continuing in all areas of our curriculum. We created our own personal flags after learning the 9 parts of the flag.

Check out our busy work week!

Personal Flags Designed With Our Own Personality Characteristics

We will be going to Davidson College next week for a walking field trip to view sculptures and other pieces in the Davidson College Collections. We will continue our study of sculpture and design/build our own sculptures next week. We "Painted With Scissors" using the style of Henri Matisse and also learned interesting facts about his life during art history lessons.

We created art with paper cuttings in the style of Henri Matisse.

Matisse Paper Cuttings / "Painting With Scissors"
Matisse Inspired Art

Math lessons included PEMDAS (order of operations), long division, golden mat multiplication, and multiplication facts with a variety of materials to work toward mastery of facts.

Golden Mat Multiplication

Checkerboard Multiplication With 2 Divisors

We researched reptiles and continued work on our year-long projects.

Researching Reptile/Facts and Illustrations

Division with Racks and Tubes/"Sharing Out"

Bird Observations and Data Collecting

Warm Sunshine and a Quiet Bird Observation

Language Work: Sentence Writing

Reptile Research With A Smile

Research and Chart Work

Cooperative Learning /Researching Together

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