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Lower Elementary December 14-18: Final school days of 2020!

Drum Roll! We made it! An entire term of in-person learning for Lower El at DGS is in the books. What an exciting and exhausting accomplishment during these turbulent times. We started with some really hot humid days, experienced a beautiful mild autumn and are finishing with more turbulent weather and very chilly days! The children have been brilliant at going with the flow through every pivot and change we have had to make (too many to count!) They are all expert junior Botanists thanks to Paula's hard work, patience and guidance. We hope they will carry this appreciation of nature throughout their lives.

Please check your emails early in the new year for information regarding our new schedule for January on Mondays. Work packets and work books went home today!

This week we held sun celebrations for Graydon on Monday and Sydney on Friday! Happy birthday to you both!

On Thursday, Ms. Paula and the children braved the cold and mud to plant bulbs for the spring time. We estimated they planted hundreds of bulbs that we can anticipate for the springtime.

On Friday, Ms. Paula made Hot Chocolate (with vegan, gluten free option) and organized a popcorn and cranberry stringing lesson for the children. The decorations are meant to feed birds outside. Thanks again Ms. Paula for yet another super duper creative activity! The children also made lovely wreathes on geometric stick polygons. It was a lovely end to the semester.

We wish you all a safe, joyous, restful and peaceful winter break!

See you in 2021!

With love and gratitude,

Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

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