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Lower Elementary December 16-20

We were so busy this last week of the year completing gifts for family and friends, making cards, baking and celebrating several Festival of Lights. Our trip to Pickled Peach and Hearts On Fiber was the highlight of our week. When we return to school, we will begin our projects using fiber to create our pieces for the art auction. This trip has inspired our creativity and ideas are flowing. Our children do lots of handwork and are quite talented with work in this area. Check out the pictures of our week and we will soon continue work together in 2020!

We used many different fibers/yarn to wrap our wreaths before decorating .
"Wreaths of the Seasons"

Each wreath was unique with many colors and designs.

Lower Elementary Gnome Spirits

Gnomes are known as nature spirits. They can be found in remote forests,mountains, moors and farmlands. Storytelling in many countries have handed down tales of encounters with these little gnomes with little pointy hats and wearing bright warm clothes. Traditional stores tell of the importance of working in harmony in order to lead to prosperity and good health.

Gnomes are described as helping farmers care for plants and animals and practicing healing arts. There are also stories of mischievous little folk that can be found in odd places. I tell kids of places I have found them hiding in my home! You may find them around your house over the holidays. Great fun!

They are for the most part kind, generous and respectful of nature. Gnome figures remind us the importance of honoring the living spirits of the earth and our connection with the natural world.

Gnomes are made each year and multiply quickly. Great fun!
Gnome canisters were decorated to keep gnomes safe and warm.

We practiced grace and courtesy and good manners at the Pickle Peach. We waited for all to be served before we started eating. This is what we practice at school when we cook and eat together.

Waiting patiently...