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Lower Elementary February 10-14

Our classroom is definitely a "working classroom". I have always loved visiting Montessori classrooms to observe and experience children busy and productive. Students work cooperatively with one another and many different things are going on during work cycles. While the environment is prepared and beautiful, there are materials, projects and a bit of disarray while work is underway. There is excitement, energy and movement. Thus, the term "working classroom" is used to describe the work in progress. Not everything is in its place but will be straightened and organized with clean-up ending our work cycle each day.

This week marks the completion of our art auction projects. We also enjoyed a trip to Discovery Place, Valentine's Day, President Research and Black History Study. We look forward to seeing all the Science Fair Projects, Tuesday, February 18th and the Art Auction on Thursday, February 20th. We thank you all for your continued support.

Researching Presidents

Sketching Pictures and Learning History and Fun Facts

Discovery Place was great fun and we loved the IMAX film about the Dinosaurs of Antarctica. The exhibit walk-through offered us hands-on experiences and many artifacts to see. We learned about the explorations and studies that scientists experienced as they discovered many fossils .

One of our favorite parts of Discovery Place is the Thinker's Space/Maker's Space. We took part in a program about Circuits, Motors and Art. We worked in groups to make a "Drawbot".

Our next field trip will be on March 18th. We will visit Charlotte History Museum to learn how Native Americans like the Catawba harnessed the natural environment to create strong materials for their homes. We will learn how they preserved food and how they controlled the climate in their homes.

Valentine's Day Celebration

Strawberries Shortcake Preparation

Opening Valentines

Thumbs-up for the Shortcakes!

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