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Lower Elementary January 21-24

We had another terrific week together. Each day is busy with a smooth flow of work, play, activities and celebrations. This week included art auction projects, Writer's Notebook Lessons and creative writing, group and individual lessons with follow-up work and group cultural lessons. We are happy to share moments from our work each week.

A Montessori Moment

Ms. Lynne, "I really think I love this writing work. I have a good "hook", to catch everybody, a good body with good "tails" (details) and a pretty good out (ending sentence)."

In the life of a Montessori teacher, these are the moments when you smile and know the seeds are sprouting and confidence and pride in work is present. I'm so lucky to be able to share these moments with my kids.

Word Study

Word Study is part of our language work which consists of "skyscraper" storage cabinets holding matching cards for homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, contractions, homophones, etc.

Contractions/Set 1
Antonyms Set 1

Contractions Set 2
Antonyms Set 2

Birds in our yard are plentiful and hungry during the cold weather. Our bird counters are so excited to identify and tally their observations.

Our creative writing lesson this week was inspired by several personal narrative books we read. So many creative stories and experiences were written and shared.