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Lower Elementary News January 6-10

Art Auction Weavings

Our class is busy working on individual weaving pieces for the Art Auction and everyone is making good progress. Our larger whole class project begins next week. I am amazed with the focus during weaving and the time each student is spending on their piece. The "zen" of weaving and wonderful conversations as we work is calming and peaceful.

Invertebrate Study and Research

The study of invertebrates is underway with research, study of characteristics and life cycles of insects and other invertebrates. Models and habitats were made of the invertebrates researched.

Math lessons continue as we move through the scope and sequence of the Montessori math curriculum. As students work with materials they are absorbing true understanding of operations. With repetition and practice they work toward mastery of concepts and materials. Extensions and variations with materials provide additional knowledge with math work.

Journaling and Creative Writing

Writing work includes: lessons on writing complete sentences, descriptive , narrative, persuasive, and expository paragraphs. Introduction to topic sentences, body and closing sentences is on-going as students practice writing skills. It is wonderful to observe the progress as students make progress from year to year.

Banana Muffins were on the kid's cooking menu this week. They were yummy, gluten-free with vegan cream cheese.


Our art history lesson this week was about OP ART. Some of facts we learned included:

OP ART was an art movement in the 60's. Artists wanted to create "movement" on 2-D surfaces by "tricking the eye". When something tricks your eye it is called an optical illusion. Time Magazine published an article about OP ART in 1964 and the interest in this form of art was very popular with many artists. M.C. Escher is famous for OP ART. We looked at many different examples of this art and created our own very interesting pieces.

Science Fair

February 18, 2020

Lower Elementary Science Packets and posters were sent home Friday. We had a lesson about The Scientific Method, talked about ideas for projects, planning projects and science fair posters.

I hope everyone will enjoy doing these projects and we look forward to seeing the presentations at the Science Fair.

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