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Lower Elementary November 4-8

Our grammar study was great fun with "Gram" the marionette presenting verbs.

Skeleton Work

We completed our study of the human skeleton and created a skeleton with veggies and dip!

The scientific method was introduced and we used resource materials to explore areas we wanted to learn more about.This is in preparation for the science fair this year. Lower Elementary started the science fair at DGS a few years ago. We now have LE, UE and Middle School participating at many levels.

Our next field trip is a walking trip to the Davidson Library for a lesson on how to use library resources for our chosen projects.

This is work using the long chains from our bead cabinet to learn the squares and cubes of numbers .

Metal insets are for fine motor development and one of the favorite works in Lower Elementary. As students master this material they produce beautiful designs and refine handwriting skills.

Our SRA reading groups are fun as we read together and answer questions for reading comprehension and vocabulary building.

We like to work together writing books and illustrating our stories.

We popped the popcorn we shucked at Camp Rockmont from Farmer John's farm. It was paired with hot cocoa and hit the spot on a chilly day to end our week together.

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