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Lower Elementary November 9-13: Nature is in Charge...

This has been one topsy turvy week at DGS and Paula and I are both feeling quite spun around! I am struggling to remember back to Monday and Tuesday but luckily I took some photos to remind me that despite all the disruption our students managed to complete some amazing, challenging work. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding on the severe weather days. Safety must come first now more than ever! We ended the week with sunshine at playtime which was a welcome treat. Let's hope our outdoor classroom and the DGS property get a chance to dry out this weekend.

Please make sure your child's forms are completed for our walking field trips next Tuesday and Wednesday. Ms. Kathleen has organzied such a thoughtful and meaningful experience for the children and we want them all to be able to participate.

We are planning a "Thankful for Books" Pajama Day for next Friday, November 20. The children are super duper excited! Please check your email over the weekend for more information.

With resilience,

Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

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