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Lower Elementary October 12-16: The Second Great Lesson

We have had a productive and fun week in Lower Elementary! Our Plant of the Week study continued with our lovely Sycamore tree that grows right outside our door. We reviewed homophones and the pronoun for language and grammar. The children have chosen sequencing, multiplication, division and fraction work for math this week. We presented the Time Line of Life, the second great Montessori lesson, on Thursday and this sparked amazing research into bacteria, trilobites, early plants, bivalves and more. We are beginning this big work with a focus on the Paleozoic Era. We had an art stations "Crafternoon" on Friday and the children really enjoyed the time to paint and sew. Please check your email for information about Halloween! Also, please LABEL all the items that your child brings to school including hats, gloves, scarves, masks, lanyards, etc.

Have an awesome weekend!

In gratitude, Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

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