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Lower Elementary October 19-23: The Squishy Creatures and a bounty of apples!

We began our week with the dramatic story of "I Obey: The Squishy Creatures." It is an imaginative interpretation of the early mollusks that created shells from ocean pollution a long, long, long, long time ago and continues our theme of The Coming of Life for history and biology studies. The children really loved the story! For language we reviewed homonyms and the children have been very creative with their spelling stories. For math we have been using the Subtraction Strip Board and Short Bead Frame for memorization and operations this week. Our plant of the week is the native Goldenrod which grows on our property. We introduced Frida Kahlo for our art appreciation studies and will study her work as well as how to create a self-portrait next week. Our virtue this week was love and we discussed the importance of giving love to ourselves and those we care about. For team building our topic was "Establish a Farm." We had some really creative and fun dramatic skits that emerged! Lots of giggles this afternoon.

The most exciting activity of the week turned out to be our apple tasting! The children tried six varieties of apple and ranked them based on sweet, tart, etc. as well as personal preference (See Graydon holding the chart below.) Some apples were familiar and some were new to us all. The Snapdragon was a hit with almost everyone and the Golden Delicious was not so popular. National Apple Day was Wednesday October 21 and we learned about the evolution of apples and how they have spread all over the world. Do you know how many kinds of apples exist today? Do you know the only apple native to North America? Ask your child and see what information they volunteer. Thank you Ms. Paula for this suggestion and the lovely Apple Tasting chart you created!

Please check your email for information from Ms. Kathleen regarding our walking field trips next Tuesday and Wednesday and preparations for our school Halloween event next Friday.

Enjoy the weekend! Looks like we will have some amazing weather!

With love, Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

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