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Lower Elementary October 21-25

Our curriculum is rich in all areas but cultural topics are some of the favorite studies . Integrating these topics into language, math, history, creative writing and studio art bring a "sparkle" to the interest and creativity of all students. We have been exploring different artists, styles and elements of art. Being able to actually view awesome sculptures this week gave inspiration to create our own sculptures. Check out our field trip pictures to Davidson College. It was an inspiring walking tour for all.

Sculpture Projects

Mini Sculpture Accents Adding Texture and Color

Recycled materials are used to create our sculptures.

Our sculptures with inspirations from Alberto Giacometti.

Art History/Studio Art Inspiration

We learned about Alberto Giacometti. He was a Swiss sculptor who liked working with bronze. His sculptures were often tall, thin figures. We used foil to create animals and people.

3-D Sculptures Using Recycled Materials

Descriptive Writing/"How-To" format

Elements of Art Lesson

Sculptures have height, width and depth/3-D. We used paper, wood, plastic, wire, cardboard and clay to design these pieces.

Creative Writing

"How-To" writing pieces were very creative this week which included:


Ride a Horse

Make Pancakes

Clean Your Bedroom

Carve A Pumpkin

Be A Good Friend

Make a Birthday Card


Make Potato Pockets

Play Soccer

Braid Hair

Make a Pillow