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Lower Elementary October 5-9: Botany Cabinet and the Clock of Eras

The weather has been awesome this week and we have made so many improvements to our beautiful outdoor classroom! Our monarch butterflies hatched and it was so exciting to see the wonder in the children's eyes as they emerged! Ms. Jennifer ordered new outdoor shelves so the children can now see all the outdoor materials available to them in sequential order. Indoors, the children have been working with the multiplication and division bead boards and also the Pythagoras board. Geometry studies are now being explored with the Geometric Stick Box which the children are all excited about. Spelling continues and we reviewed synonyms for language mechanics. We introduced the Clock of Eras which compares the time from the Big Bang Theory up until the present as a 12 hour day. It is a very impressionistic lesson and the fine red line represents human life on Earth. This is a history lesson to prepare them for next week's Second Great Lesson (See photos below). Our Botany Cabinet is here (Yeah! Thanks Ms. Jennifer!) and we are studying all the types of leaves found in nature. Ms. Paula began our Plant of the Week program with an in depth study of the Spicebush. We are initially focusing on native plants that are growing on our DGS property. We are learning about Johann Sebastian Bach's life and work for music appreciation. Our virtue this week is responsibility. Galaxies completed the first week of their individual work plans and Stars will start the work plans next week. Thus, we are encouraging the children to take more responsibility for their work and care of their indoor and outdoor environments! Enjoy the weekend!

Best, Ms. Erin and Ms. Paula

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