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Lower Elementary Updates

Our weeks are very busy with work and projects as we prepare for the art auction and other events in the next few months. The year is moving along quickly.

I always look forward to observing student progress and growth in many areas during this time of year. Students continue to develop intrinsic motivation and move through the work cycles making good choices. They are able to start their work each day independently. They seek help as needed from me or from friends. This is the goal in lower elementary. Our children begin to use leadership skills and develop self-esteem by helping others in the process. As the year progresses it is wonderful to see motivation become part of their work ethic.

Maria Montessori once said, "The greatest sign of success for a teacher in a Montessori classroom... is to be able to say, ' The children are working as if I did not exist.'" What a wonderful environment to learn and grow.

Golden Mat Multiplication
Stamp Game Static and Dynamic Addition and Subtraction

Word Study/Homophones

Bead Box Multiplication

Concentric Circles for Art Projects

Checkerboard Multiplication With 2-digit Multipliers

Pythagoras Board
Researching/Year Long Project Topics

Researching Facts For Year Long Project

We have individual and group weaving projects underway and everyone is excited to see finished projects. They are beautiful!