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Many Hands Make Light Work

Kale and Collards were planted in the aquaponics system this week.  In a couple of months, we will have an abundance of healthy, organic leafy greens to donate to Ada Jenkins.  Fresh produce is scarce during the winter season at food banks. It makes us happy to be able to support our community in this way.

Many hands will have gone into each leafy green gifted.  It started with lower elementary students making potting soil to sprout the seeds.  Then a couple of middle school students sowed the seeds. Many eyes have been watched as the seeds sprouted and grew to just the right size for the aquaponics system.

This week,  primary, lower elementary, and upper elementary students transplanted the seedlings into our grow beds.  They also had a lesson on the connectedness of the plants, fish, and bacteria. In January, students will harvest the first round of produce and walk it up to Ada Jenkins.  Now that is some sustainable produce!

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