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The past week or so has been a whirlwind of activity! In the past three days alone, middle school students have hosted a visitor, run a pizza lunch fundraiser, and presented in the school science fair. Good.Ness!

In ENGLISH, all students finished their novels and are working through projects connected to the books. Sixth graders read Out of My Mind, a story about a girl with cerebral palsy, and are redesigning a space in our school to make it accessible for mobility challenged or disabled friends. Seventh and eighth grade students read The Giver, a novel about a boy saving his dystopian community, and they are designing their own utopias. While it certainly is not required, many students have decided to design their spaces and worlds in Minecraft. The assignments are available on Google Classroom.

In HISTORY, students finished their PPP research papers or introductory writing. Seventh and eighth graders will begin writing emails and contacting community members when we return from break. Sixth grade will meet to plan a group community service project. We also watched a video of Martin Luther King, Jr. delivering his speech called "What is Your Life's Blueprint?" We reviewed it briefly and hope to tie in an art project in the future if time allows.

For our ELFT progress, middle schoolers prepared a pizza lunch fundraiser, making posters and flyers, organizing delivery, and communicating with Mandolino's Pizza to ask for their support. We owe a big THANK YOU to Michael Orlando and to Mandolino's Pizza! The students also did an excellent job enthusiatically working through hosting the pizza lunch!

Finally, while Mr. Ed will certainly have lots to say about the DGS Science Fair, I would like to take a quick moment to say what a fantastic job our students did! It was such a joy to view their hard work, and I'm so proud of each and every one!

***I will write a separate blog explaining our visitor's experience in middle school soon. There was so much wisdom that came out of our experience that I want to share it with you in its own post.***

Until then, I hope everyone has a fabulous break and gets lots of well deserved rest!



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