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Middle School ELA and SS (9/20 - 9/24)

This week in ELA we focused on dramatic structure. Students learned and reviewed the elements of plot and Gustav Freytag's plot pyramid. Each grade level read a different short story and together we identified the dramatic elements using the Freytag pyramid. After plotting the story we turned our focus to understanding and identifying conflict. Next week we will continue our study of dramatic structure by examining characterization and theme.

In social studies we are learning the characteristics of each threshold to have a clear understanding of where we began (Big Bang), and where we are today (The Anthropocene). We divided the thresholds as a class and students are working in small groups to understand the important characteristics, or ingredients, that led to each threshold. After learning about the threshold, students are creating comic strips that highlight the ingredients with a focus on interconnection and causality. Next week they will present their comic strips to the class so that each student has a general understanding of the eight different thresholds. Once we have accomplished this foundational understanding of the Big History thresholds, we will jump into examining the world wars from a global perspective.

We also had our first Monday afternoon session with Ms. Shannon and Ms. Maya. This time on Monday afternoons will be split between focusing on a social-emotional or social justice mini-lesson and project work. We started with thinking about personal identity and will follow up with an examination of social identity. Our first project will be to introduce expectations and procedures for our school newspaper - the DGS Gateway!

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