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Middle School ELA/SS (9/6 - 9/10)

This week in ELA we complete our mini-unit on descriptive writing and began a mini-unit that introduced strategies for literary analysis. This unit included a review of how to annotate a text, finding and explaining appropriate textual evidence to support an assertion, and how to structure an Assertion, Evidence, Commentary (AEC) paragraph. Together we read and analyzed a short story called "The Jacket", written by Gary Soto, and are currrently in the process of learning how to construct the response paragraph.

In social studies we are continuing our investigation of Big History and important related terms. Students are learning about "thresholds of complexity", "Goldilocks conditions", and "causation"; as well as the eight major thresholds of our history here on earth. Before we begin our investigation of the modern revolution, students will have a solid understanding of how and why threshold moments happen and what they tell us about our history and our future.

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