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MS Sci & Engineering Wk 2!

It definitely felt as though the wheels were turning this week in Sci & Engineering. 

We leapt into another set of related investigations on air pressure, again involving a balloon and a bottle - this time inflating from the outside-in and inside-out (using an acid-base reaction). At the same time, we did some research on the topic of our atmosphere’s characteristics. The students new to our MS Lego Mindstorms curriculum set about constructing our robots while our seasoned veterans began designing air pressure demonstrations of their own (to be presented on Tuesday). 

We also introduced our first engineering/design project in which the students will design and build a working kite. We’ve done some initial research into kite design which students are encouraged to continue independently. They may bring in supplies (and/or use materials from school) for a classroom work day on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Jacquelyn treated us to a wonderful MasterClass on the topic of the effects of animal agriculture upon our environment, which sparked a lively discussion among the students. Next week we look forward to hearing from Olivia.

I hope you have a wonderful long Labor Day weekend. 

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