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Middle School Week in Review (1/1 - 1/5)

This week in middle school we learned a lot about how to write like a pro, the huge growth in innovation in Ancient China, and managed to throw in some fun in honor of Global Play Day.

In Social Studies we continue to examine the growth in collective learning that happened in the wake of the connection of the four world zones. Students are learning about the First Great Divergence in China and the amazing technology and innovation that occurred during the Tang and Song dynasties. The class is applying non-fiction and critical thinking skills to understand the key ideas of early globalization.

In ELA students have worked hard to understand and apply the characteristics of personal narrative writing. Over the course of this unit students have applied different pre-writing techniques to support the drafting of their personal narrative. We have learned and reviewed the rules of dialogue and several important narrative writing devices to support their craft.

We also took some time on Wednesday to participate in Global Play Day, despite being stuck at home and learning remotely. We read excerpts from a humorous New Yorker article about "Quarantine Brain" and made our own student examples. We also played games in breakout rooms and took some time to remember what it's like to have fun and play!

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