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Middle School Week in Review (1/11 - 1/22)

Lots of great learning happening in the DGS Middle School! In ELA we completed a literary analysis unit. Students practiced writing short literary analysis responses to different pieces of literature. We benefitted from studying mentor texts, working together as a class to write a response, and finally writing an individual response. After completing the literary analysis unit, we began a Personal Narrative writing unit. Together we have studied examples written by memoirists and students, identified the characteristics of personal narrative, and done A LOT of brainstorming and pre-writing! We ended the week by reviewing the rules for dialogue and next week students will jump into drafting their own personal narratives.

In Social Studies we are continuing our examination of expansion. Students have learned a lot about the four world zones, the differences between each zone, and the similarities. Students have considered the reason behind expansion and the pros and cons associated with this kind of growth. We have continued to examine the way interconnection influenced collective learning. Specifically, students are identifying the ways commerce impacted growth and collective learning for each world zone. Students are able to identify the ways expansion has influenced our modern world. Next week we will take a close look at the Industrial Revolution as the pinnacle of the Agrarian Era and the result of growth that spanned thousands of years.

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