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Middle School Week In Review (10/12 - 10/16)

This week we continued our unit in civics. Students are learning about sovereignty and can identify the difference between a sovereign state and a state within a union. Students have learned the purpose of government and how a governing body should function to keep order, support and protect citizens, and create legislation. We have reviewed the different types of government that exist now or historically and students are able to differentiate between these government types.

We are making great progress with our micronation project. The class divided themselves into three different groups according to similar values and interests. They were then given the task of working together as a class to decide whether they wanted to be three separate sovereignties or separate states working under one governing body. We had a wonderful debate. Two of our students gave a strong presentation in support of three separate sovereignties and audience members had strong arguments and well-crafted questions. They ultimately choose to have three separate nations. They have chosen territories and are working within their groups to create a foundation for their state by brainstorming ideas for how their government will function, what kind of legislation is required, infrastructure to support their nations citizens, economy, and relations with neighboring nations.

Our micronation unit is an incredible problem based project that supports a really deep understanding of government while allowing students to engage in grade appropriate imaginative play. During this unit students will have the opportunity to be leaders, work within a community, make compromises, and problem solve. My goal is to nurture an awareness of civics and promote civic engagement in our younger citizens so they are fully prepared to use their voices and participate in their government.

Above: Nation building! Students begin to cultivate their territories for our mircronation project.

Above: Two of our middle school students teamed up for their Genius Hour project and are having amazing success training our resident Budgie, Jack!

Above: Sometimes you just have to stop and chase some leaves!

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