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Middle School Week In Review (2/7 - 2/11)

We had a great week down in the cabin and (finally) enjoyed some warm weather. In ELA we are working on a persuasive writing and debate unit. Students worked together in pairs to identify a topic, closely read and annotate articles, and identify arguments, counter-arguments, support, and persuasive devices. As a class we reviewed the rhetorical devices pathos, ethos, and logos and discussed different ways to use them in persuasive writing and speech.

In social studies we have finished reviewing the chronology of WWI with a specific focus on important battles and American involvement. On Tuesday students were given the project that will count as a formal assessment grade for our WWI unit. Students are able to choose from a list of different projects that focus on a specific element of WWI. Each project has a written and creative component. Project choices include arts and culture during wartime, propaganda, the technology of warfare, and women's roles in the war effort.

Kathleen and the kids had a great planning session for our ELFT to D.C. We have narrowed down where we are going to go and have created an itinerary. This week students will research our different excursions and share what they learn with the class.

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