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MS Sci & Eng - 11/15

Hey everyone!

We escaped the torrential rain AND Friday the 13th 2020 unscathed, although half of our toothpick bridges did not.

Fortunately, that was BY DESIGN! We load tested the first cohort’s bridges on Friday and we will put the 2nd on the block tomorrow!

The students have worked so hard on this unit and on these constructions. It can be hard (even traumatic) to see the bridges compress under so much tension, but seeing HOW they deform is really instructive. Some of their designs are models of precision and efficiency! It has been awesome to see how they have implemented architectural elements like trusses, arches, and cantilevers into their models.

Outside of our bridge unit we have continued to work on our science fair research plans (which will be due this coming Friday). I think all of the students are really excited about their selected topics, and they should be continuing to gather research sources, as well as develop their step-by-step procedures.

Most recently, we enjoyed a fascinating master class on miter saws by Zachary, and this coming week we will hear from Barry! Please remember to dress warmly and in layers, as this coming week will be quite a bit cooler!

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving Break in advance!

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