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MS Sci & Engineering 2/7

It's been a long and strange period in middle school, having weathered the past few weeks largely in remote quarantine. Regardless, the group has carried on with their typical zeal and joy.

We have continued with our work in cellular biology, focusing heavily on genetics. Most recently this week, we have shifted to modern gene editing techniques like CRISPR/Cas9 and debated the ethical use of this technology. As always, our students were more than willing to share their perspectives, and it generated a lively Zoom discussion.

I think we are all very excited to resume our in-person classes this week, and I will look forward to seeing the full MS group on Monday and Friday. Essentially ALL of our work time will be dedicated to finishing our Science Fair projects, so PLEASE remind your students to bring all necessary supplies, including display boards, photos, graphs or other print-outs, and any art materials they intend to use for their boards.

The project due date is this Friday 2/12, although if students have met with extenuating circumstances, the delay in our fair event allows for some flexibility there. While we do not yet have a rescheduled date for our event at school, we plan to be able to get that information out as soon as possible.

Thanks and have a great week!

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