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MS Science & Engineering 1/16/21

Apologies for the dearth in recent updates. Just playing catch-up!

The MS students have been busy in their Science content and simultaneously pressing ever forward toward the completion of the Science Fair projects. Our content has been mostly focused on microbiology lately. The students learned about early efforts in microscopy, the foundations of the Cell Theory, and plant and animal cell structure. As part of this process, they worked in partners to develop 3D "diorama-style" models of plant and animal cells which came out great! A few super cool stand-out examples included Jacquelyn and Andrew's which was designed as a model city and Izzy and Lily's which was a fully edible cake!

This past week we have stepped from cells into the related field of genetics. We have covered Gregor Mendel's pea plant experiments, punnett squares and probability, and non-Mendelian traits. The students have also "genetically engineered" monsters with dominant and recessive traits, and are in the process of breeding hypothetical monster offspring using the principles of heredity.

At the same time, the students have been working on their Science Fair projects. I'm proud of their efforts and tenacity even as our schedule has been complicated by covid protocols. Our school fair is still scheduled for 2/11. Experiments should be completed (or wrapping up) and students should be in the process of analyzing data. Beginning on Monday, students will be encouraged to bring their 36x48 display boards in to school so that we can begin to develop those.

Thanks, have a great week, and reach out with any questions or concerns!

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