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MS Science & Engineering 1/24

Fun times in Middle School this week!

Thanks to all who were able to attend Curriculum Night last Thursday. This time of year is frenetic, and it's great to take a moment to take stock of what we've done and look forward to all we've got coming up!

We have been working hard on a variety of fronts. First, our SQUEAL WHEEL engineering project culminated this week in a presentation of our wheel-and-axle assemblies. Students dropped their devices down a ramp and watched them roll across the room. They measured the objects' masses, radii, and the distance/time it took for them to roll. Next week we will use this data to look at angular momentum and drag during the tests.

We have also been focused on completing our Science Fair projects. Students have registered for the fair, and are in the process of developing the components which will make up their display boards. Don't forget that we will have an on-site Science Fair event here at DGS on Tuesday 2/18 in advance of the UNCC fair on 2/21-22. All parents are encouraged to attend. Look for an email with details.

Finally, we have been progressing with our art auction projects. While I'll wait to give much detail on these, I can assure you that MS will have a number of pieces which will be highly prized and very special. Maya, Kim, and I are super stoked with the progress!

Thanks to Ellie for an awesome masterclass on her experiences traveling to St. John throughout her life! Next week we will hear from Canon on Monday and Terefech on Friday. Have a great weekend!

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